LONG SUTTON & WELLParish Council

Parish Council Services

The Parish Council provides a range of services to residents as well as monitoring the services provided by Hart District Council and Hampshire County Council.  Services provided by Long Sutton & Well Parish Council are:

There is a Heartsine SAM350P defibrillator located on the right-hand wall in the porch of All Saints' Church, The Street, Long Sutton.   

Speed Indicator Device
Speed Indicator Devices and the resulting speedwatch data is a practical solution to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in our community.  This is particularly important in Long Sutton, given the location of two popular schools that generate significant increased traffice within our Parish.  Data from the SID is regularly analysed by Cllr Bartlett such information proves invaluable to the parish. 

Maintenance of Recreation Ground, Playground, Pavilion, Duck Pond, Benches and Village Open Spaces 
The Parish Council provides ground and equipment maintenance to all of the above areas primarily through  Ground Maintenance Contracts and the Hampshire County Council Parish lengthsman scheme. 

Planning Consultations
The Parish Council is a statutory consultee for planning applications within the parish.  However, the decision on whether to grant or refuse permission is made by the Planning Authority, which for most applications is Hart District Council.  Information on planning applications can be found on the planning pages of Hart District Council's website.  

Highways and Public Rights of Way
The condition of local highways and Rights of Way is routinely reviewed at Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council Noticeboards
Parish Informaton, including contact details of Councillors and Clerk, Council Agendas is provided on the Parish Council noticeboards outside the Long Sutton Village Hall and Chaffers Lane.

Parish Asset Register

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