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Footpaths & Bridleways

A Public Right of Way is a highway which can be used by the public at all times. In the United Kingdom, the term “highway” is used to describe either a Footpath, Bridleway or Byway. The Footpaths in Long Sutton and Well can be viewed 

Public Rights of Way can be on any land, including privately owned land. It is an offence to wilfully block free passage along a Public Right of Way without lawful authority or excuse. If you come across an illegal obstruction then you have the right to take a short detour around it or remove it as much as is necessary to get past. On all types of Public Right of Way you can take a pushchair or wheelchair if the path is suitable, although many are across farmland so may have an uneven surface and may have gates or stiles. You are also allowed to have a small picnic on Public Rights of Way, but please remember to take your litter home and respect our beautiful Countryside.

You can also take a dog, but it must be kept under close control, especially when near livestock. Please be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your dog – it is an offence to allow your dog to foul on a Public Right of Way. Also, make sure your dog does not stray off the path or you may be committing trespass against the landowner, and you could be asked to leave.
There are four different types of Public Rights of Way in England and Wales – and these may be marked along their route with signposts and coloured arrows. Footpaths are marked with a Yellow arrow. For further details please click on the sections below:

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