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Chairman's Report 2023 - Annual Parish Assembly

Very many thanks to everyone who came along to the PC’s Annual Parish Assembly last evening in the village hall. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the exchanges on Big Meadow, the proposed solar farm and potholes!
The Assembly began with an overview of the past year by the PC’s Chairman, Jim Goodbourn;

“Another year has passed in Long Sutton and Well and in support of the Annual Parish Assembly of 26th May I offer to all my annual report as Chair. As most will be aware, I have provided several updates on key issues throughout the year and, with the aid of my Parish Council colleagues, are summarised within this report. As ever, despite our being a relatively small community there has nonetheless been a number of challenges but equally matched, if not exceeded, by a number of really positive events and outcomes”

The PC’s Full Report is available here.  Comments warmly invited. 


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