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Land at Wingate Lane - 20/01824/NMMA

Re: Land at Wingate Lane, Long Sutton, Hook RG29 1SZ.
Non-material amendment under section 96A in relation to Condition 16 of planning permission 15/00424/FUL - Hard and soft landscaping (20/01824/NMMA)

I understand that you are the case officer dealing with the above non-material amendments which have been submitted by Ryan Snow on behalf of ME, who are developers of the 5 house site on land at Wingate Lane, Long Sutton.
I am writing to you as Chairman of Long Sutton & Well Parish Council to express formally the Parish Council's strong support for these non-material amendments.

The amendments relate to the landscaping of that part of the site which is being gifted to the Parish Council by the developers as public open space (POS) in perpetuity. The site sits at the heart of the village and not only will this be public open space for the enjoyment of the village as a whole, but the Parish Council will have responsibility for its long term maintenance and upkeep. For all these reasons we therefore have a keen and legitimate interest in the nature of the landscaping of this space.

The original permission in respect of the landscaping was unsatisfactory from the Parish Council's perspective on a number of counts - no access to the POS for maintenance equipment; the proposed location of tree and hedge planting which did not give the screening which established residents around the perimeter site would want; the drainage arrangements which - on the basis of past experience in this location - were considered to be insufficient to prevent flooding to some adjacent properties from run-off; and the inclusion of earth mounds (or bunds) dotted around the POS which would have given an inappropriate urbanised appearance replacing what has been a traditional meadow in the heart of the village.

After extensive discussions with ME, who have been very co-operative in their willingness to entertain amendments to the original permission in order to meet the Parish Council's concerns and wishes, we have reached agreement with them on the proposed non-material amendments which meet our mutual objectives. In doing so we have taken in to account helpful discussions we have had in recent months with Andrew Ratcliffe, Hart's landscape adviser.
To reiterate: ME's proposed non-material amendments to the existing landscaping permission have the full support of the Parish Council and reflect extensive and constructive discussions with ME over the past few weeks.
ME are now close to finishing the development and will be seeking to finalise the landscaping of the POS in the next few weeks. As the Parish Council we would therefore greatly appreciate it if Hart were able to consider, and hopefully approve these amendments as soon as possible.

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