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Solar Farm Action Group - Save Our Landscape (SOL)

SOLAR FARM ACTION GROUP a number of residents in the area have joined forces to deliver one combined response to the potential solar farm application that will severely impact Long Sutton and the surrounding villages. What have we done? A major focus for us will be working with consultants to help build a robust objection to the plan. To enable this, we have formed a company to manage our activities and funds (with an anticipated budget of circa £20,000).

We’ve also established a simple rallying cry: Save Our Landscape (SOL) – we are firmly committed to protecting the rural landscape in our area, and this, we feel, summarises our aim. We are finalising a communications strategy that will bring this to life. More soon!

Christopher Lecointe has been appointed as our planning consultant. Initially he will be undertaking an assessment to identify likely weak spots in the applicants’ proposals for further analysis. His company, RPS, has specialists in-house who cover visual impact, landscape, heritage and other areas. Additionally, an experienced local planning expert is now supporting the Group and his help and expertise will be invaluable.

We are coordinating activities with the Parish Council which has brought matters to the attention of a number of our neighbouring PCs which are concerned about this and two other major solar farm applications.  The PC has also written to our MP about the cumulative effects of potentially three solar developments in our vicinity going unchecked.  Working together will give us a stronger case to halt this threat.

How can you help the Action Group? We are approaching you, the local community, to ask for your help with the funds we shall need, and to support activities to prevent what could radically change our local rural landscape.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, please complete the sign-up form on our campaign website: www.save-our-landscape.org and we will put you on our email list.

What is the planning situation? No application has yet been made to Hart District Council, but we need to be ready to act as and when it is. When submitted and validated, we will only have a 21 day period in which to raise objections. So, time is of the essence, and the more we can do now to be ready, the more likely our objections will be heard

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